About Rendex Southwest

We are a specialist installer of external render systems that cover the southwest England. We provide a complete service, including wall coverings from existing products throughout to the latest isolated render systems. Our goal is to promote and install the latest low maintenance products offering a high degree of expertise and a professional customer service.

Why Choose Us?

Rendex Southwest Ltd only use machine rendering pumps which provide reductions in labour and scaffold time. This also leads to faster completion times and offers real cost benefits over traditional methods. All our renderers are fully qualified, trained in house by us to make sure we can deliver high quality work time and time again.

External Rendering

The render we apply are waterproof, coloured and a lot more flexible than traditional sand and cement, making it much more suitable for the British weather. The render is available in many colours and modern finish types, such as Scratch Render, Roughcast Render and Wetdash Render. We only use the best mortar manufacturers, these include Weber, Parex and K Rend.